Recent transplant to Oregon, Lila Dale, the creator of Lionard Photography, was drawn to the camera at a young age. Learning from the basics of film shooting and printing, to the expansive world of digital photography, Lila has shown mastery over this art form. Shooting both nature and events, she has shown a level of diversity one should expect from a professional. 

As a transgender women, Lila strives to be inclusive and open with every person and organization she interacts with. Trying her best to help promote equality and happiness for all.

Currently studying mechanical engineering and perusing freelance photography work.
With any special moment in your life, you want to be able to cherish that moment forever by capturing it on film, but you shouldn't have to spend your time stuck behind the camera phone. You should be out living your moments through your eyes. Enter the photographer, able to capture life's most important and precious moments for you to be able to live through and share with others over and over. As a photographer I pride myself in be able to help save these moments on film for you, blending into your event with a friendly smile. Feel free to use the contact form below to discuss how I can help you record your next event or precious moment.
Thank you!
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